Dealing with my inner child  83/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Mar 1, 2020

While driving back from a vendor last Wednesday, I had a long talk with my inner child.

For the record, she's a bit of a brat.  That child wants what she wants.   Don't talk to her about nutrition; she is not interested in hearing about vitamins or calories.  That girl wants cookies.  The gooey chocolate chip kind.   She is also not interested in hearing about exercise when the pillow is soft, or finishing chores when there is something worth watching on Netflix.   

Of course, she is a child, and that's what children do.  That's why we adults have to raise our inner children to be grown ups.  To eat veggies, and get 10,000 steps, and for the love of all that is good in the world, to stop smoking.

I realized in my long chat with her, that I have not been very kind.  I'm really good at barking orders and not so patient with listening.  

I remember when my daughter was little, I would never speak to her that harshly.  If she wanted something we couldn't afford, I would write it down.  Anything at all.  We sometimes made lists of stuff we wanted.  Just acknowledging her and what she wanted was enough to satisfy her.  

I'm going to try that with my own inner child and see if she won't respond better.

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