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Blog Post created by PastTense on Feb 24, 2020

We had an unexpected weekend and I am sorry to have missed signing in.

My son finally closed on his first house on Friday. It had been held up with some paperwork for 2 weeks and we weren’t sure if it was going to happen or not. We are so proud and excited for him but, DAMMIT; the first truly fine weekend in months and we are spending it moving him to his new house. We also volunteered to move the washer and dryer hookups from the basement to the mud room on the first floor. Actually, we did not volunteer; my husband volunteered us. Which somehow evolved into me stuck down in the basement rerouting drain pipe while he was moving furniture. I’ve done lots of plumbing projects but this one was more convoluted than most since the house was built back in 1850. No exaggeration. Built before the Civil War so none of it was designed with wiring or plumbing in mind. We were routing around stone support walls in the creepiest, cob-webiest, most nightmare-inducing basement into which I have ever personally set foot. ~ Shudder ~

The entire weekend was working on the house or driving to the hardware store. We had breakfast standing up and pizza for dinner (also standing up). By the time we got home, I just wanted to wash the cobwebs out of my hair a crawl in bed. I didn’t get to sign in at all let alone post a blog.

I did have time, however, while down in the scary basement, to think and ponder and plan for the next blog post I would write. I have three ideas circling in my head right now that I want to get to paper before I forget them. I may not get three essays from these ideas. Might get six, might get 1. Sometimes the blogs go in a direction I did not anticipate. Sometimes a promising idea becomes a dead end and just lies there on the page like a lump in gravy. You can stir it all you want to, but it will never become edible.

I’m off to pledge and I’ll be working on better blogs for the rest of the day.

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