Walking it off  73/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Feb 17, 2020

Good Monday morning to all of Ex, and Happy Presidents' Day to our US-based peeps.  Some of us lucky ones have the day off from work.  Because nothing honors past presidents better than being lazy and sleeping in.  I'm just guessing about that part; I was not on the committee that decided we needed a holiday in February and that holiday should honor presidents.  To my mind, they already get their faces on money; they don't also need a holiday.  But who am I to deny mattress companies and used car lots the opportunity to have a sale? 

After waking up late (heaven) and enjoying coffee and scrolling through Facebook for an hour (bliss), I figured I needed to shake the lead out and go for a morning walk while it was still morning.  The sun is shining and it's too cold outside for a picnic, but just perfect for a brisk turn around the block.  I live in a pretty rural area, so "around the block" translates to around 2500 steps.  The entire time I was walking, my glasses were fogging up and my nose was running. I was really regretted my decision about half-way in.  Then I noticed a peculiar phenomenon.  I was not coughing.  I wasn't clearing my throat.  I wasn't hacking.

This is momentous.  My Numero Uno reason to quit smoking was the damn cough, cough, throat clear, cough.  I hated it.  Not because it might be an indicator the breathing smoke into my sinuses, throat, and lungs might be a Bad Thing to do.  Not because it might indicate a health issue.  No.  Heavens no.  Those reasons all make sense, and if there is one thing I have learned about smoking, it's that smoking defies all laws of reason and common sense.  

I wanted to stop coughing because I didn't want other people to think I smoked!  


There is the irony of closet smokers quitting smoking.  

Keep the quit