Side effects of Quit Smoking...Preparedness

Blog Post created by green1611 on Feb 17, 2020

Initially I felt, I am not going to succeed in quitting....

So I did not tell anyone at my workplace for first ten days, I know, if I fail, people will laugh at me. 

Initially I had mild headaches, 

and .... I assumed that these are excessive thinking about quit.

I used to had increased appetite..

so kept drinking  a lot of plain water.

The life was not smooth, and had lack of confidence during day time....

so use to breath looking at one single point with concentration. Used to pick up easier activity in workplace first, and later the complicated jobs. 

And insomnia was guest appearance for many nights....

I bought good books physically, and turned  to be good reader.


Good to be prepared for side effects of quit smoking.

These are, at times, worse than you imagine.

Resultantly convert into relapse.


All the best new joiners..