Saturday blog  72/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Feb 15, 2020

I promised to write 90 blogs in 90 days, and while I am on track to that commitment, I always fall behind on the weekends.  I don't generally spend much time at the computer.  I like being busy and getting projects finished.

I got quite a bit done today but want to "pause for a cause" and remind myself why I am here.

My thoughts today have not been on smoking and haven't been on NOT smoking, so I really have nothing to say,

EXCEPT for the obvious.

My thoughts today were not on smoking.  I have not had the running battle in my head about smoking and cheating and just one.  That particular intrusion into my brain has been silent all day.

Tomorrow may be different.  Today's reprieve may have been just a preview of coming attractions and not the main event.  But a glimpse of the possible is very reassuring to me.

Today is all about hope, y'all.

Keep the quit