World is changing

Blog Post created by green1611 on Feb 12, 2020

Insatiable cravings used to trouble me, I jotted down with pen and paper, all my precursors, which mostly turned out for smoking e.g. strong tea/coffee, after lunch/dinner, long conference calls, driving car etc. Recognising them early helped a lot !. I was prepared for cravings so to say !


First few hours of quitting it was penalising feeling in mind. I want to smoke, and I am penalising myself by not smoking.  I started thinking  the other way, you are enjoying quitting and quitting is helpful for my enjoyment. 


I experienced and share with almost all my dear and near ones that  - "World is same, as it was, when I were smoking, ... however now my world is changing for better"


I used to go for multiple times brushing initially, that keeps good smell, and cravings away.


My old hobby reading books physically (not on tab or computer), I brought  into reality. I purchased many good books,  and read it....enjoyed reading !


You are responsible for change, and world is changing for you !