Relief   68/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Feb 11, 2020

We don’t have very good internet at work. This company is extremely strict about control information flows between us and the outside world. We cannot have cell phones in the building at all, which is frustrating because my entire LIFE is on my phone. We can’t bring in CD players or E-readers, either. I understand the necessity and have learned to make due with an old radio and a paper calendar in my purse. I’ve gone retro and not because I’m hip or cool.

Yesterday I couldn’t get on our site to take the pledge. I was concerned but assumed that it would be fixed by morning and not to panic. This morning, I was having the same problems. It was officially time to panic.

What was I going to do without taking the pledge every morning? What was I going to do without a friendly comment in my blog from Barbscloud or Youngatheart? How was I going to keep the quit if I didn’t have my Ex community with me at work?

I was nearly hyperventilating and wondering if I could wake up 15 minutes early so I could at least take the pledge before I left for work.   Are y’all hearing this? I was going to get up early in order to take the pledge. I don’t get up early to make my lunch. That’s how embedded this site is to my life.

Fortunately, all appears to be working this afternoon and I can post my blog. While I’m at it, I want to say thanks to everyone on this site for making it a safe, active place to live your quit out loud.

Keep the quit