Itchy and scratchy     66/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Feb 7, 2020

I had errands to run at lunch today; which is tiresome. I usually go for a walk at lunch time. That gives me time to check my phone, walk off some tensions, and just have an hour to myself. However, the cats need food, I have a package to return to Amazon, and we need some beer for the Cook-Out and Cards on Saturday.

There is a shopping center about 4 miles from here that has most of those items available and usually also has enough parking. I haven’t gone in that direction in over 6 months, however, because there is also a smoke shop with discounted cigarettes that I used to frequent. I don’t think it would be a temptation for me; but I am having a rough morning so I am not taking any chances.

I bought myself a tub of yogurt because my brain was just itching with “I want but can’t have” and I thought yogurt might be enough to scratch that itch. I ate the entire tub and now I can barely move and still feel itchy.

And I forgot cat food.

Itch and scratch but

Keep the quit