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Blog Post created by PastTense on Feb 2, 2020

I discovered on Saturday morning that we were hosting dinner and cards night that evening.  I had no idea until I saw my husband hoisting a slab of meat into the smoker.  He said it was a brisket, and maybe it was.  But it was brisket of mastodon.  The thing was HUGE.  I asked him why he felt the need to smoke a ton of meat for two people.  That's when he told me we were hosting 8 for dinner.  He also swore he had told me this.  As I had not been obsessing about tablecloths and side dishes for the the past week, he clearly had not.

So...  I ordered up a playlist of swing music from Alexa and got my rear in gear.  By early afternoon I had the house cleaned top to bottom, layers of cat hair removed from behind the furniture, re-potted the house plants, made 2 dozen deviled eggs and a vat of coleslaw, and gone to the grocery store twice - once for the stuff he forgot and once for the stuff I forgot.  I got 11,000 steps in (winning the step competition for Saturday in the process) and even finished my laundry.  

There is no way I would have finished even half that if I were smoking.  Smoke breaks take at least 15 minutes and were required to begin any task.  Like it was rule or something.  

So many benefits from smobriety.

So much more time

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