Shiny things  58/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 30, 2020

I wish I was motivated to quit smoking just because it’s bad for me. I truly admire the Exers here who looked at the health risks and stopped smoking. They are people of reason and purpose. I’m sure they are also loyal friends a good cooks.

I am not one of them. I am motivated by shiny things. I have a list of goodies with which to reward myself at several stages of quit. Isn’t that a thing? Living longer, breathing more easily, and smelling nicer aren’t reason enough to stop lighting 10-dollar bills on fire. I also need Santa Claus to bring me a unicorn.

Quitting shouldn’t be an excuse to over-indulge, but if I can justify it, I am going to do it! My first treat is coming up soon – a trip to a salon that specializes in eyebrows. Yes, this is a real thing and they have a two week waiting list! I don’t care, I want my brows on fleek and if that means I will also be smoke free for a month, then it’s a win/win.

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