Times have changed  54/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 27, 2020

We got a preview of Disney+ this weekend, and I took full advantage.  It was rainy and nasty outside and I had a stack of sewing projects inside.  I brought a folding table into the living room, set up my sewing machine, and queued up every Disney movie that has ever been made.  HOURS of pretty little motherless girls singing to birds.  Have you ever noticed that about Disney movies?  No moms. 

Anyway, there was also a tour of Disneyland hosted by Walt himself.  The park was celebrating its 10th anniversay, so that must have been mid-1960's.  At the opening of the show, there was a parental warning for "tobacco-related imagery".  That caught my eye.  I looked that up, because I was curious why they would include such a thing. 

Apparently, back in 2005, the Disney Company pledged that it would not show smoking in any of thier films.

Times have surely changed.  I am old enough to remember smoking on TV, and commercials for cigarettes.  I used to watch Andy Griffith re-runs (in black-and-white!) after school and he smoked.  The tour of Disneyland did include smokers walking down mainstreet.  Can you imagine that today?  Amusement parks nowadays have designated smoking areas and it is forbiden anywhere else. 

I am grateful for that, although I used to grumble against it.  Smoking shouldn't be considered normal in the same way that snorting cocaine shouldn't be considered normal.

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