It was Monday

Blog Post created by green1611 on Jan 27, 2020

It was Monday...smoking quit.


The whole day went as normal, but back of mind busy..quit smoking from today.  I would have smoked few cigarettes more than normal. Last three four days, it was in my mind that I must quit.


and that Monday, around 9.30 pm, I smoked last cigarette.. I still remember it was half I smoked, and half I kept on ashtray saying that we will not meet again. No No No. I had tears in may eyes, went to bed and could not sleep properly the whole night! and journey of quit smoking project started then onwards.


Nice to say now that, that Monday was 322 weeks back.. November 25, 2013. And from November 26, 2013 onward, absolutely different, happy and lively life ahead.


My all gratitude to this community and help I received during initial days !


New joiners.. believe in you. Quitting smoking is doable.