Let's make a deal   49/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 23, 2020

I talk a lot about quitting being a journey and not an event. I realize that for some of you; that is not a true statement. You made a decision, put out the cigarette and never looked back. I applaud you and am in awe.

That has not been my experience. My experience with quitting is not clean cut. I have been “quitting” for well over 16 years, since breaking a successful quit with just one smoke. I put quitting in quotation marks for a reason; because what I called “quitting” was really just a series of deals I made with myself to enable me to pretend I’m quitting when I’m really smoking.

Some of you may be familiar with the deals.

I’ve been quit a week so I can buy a pack and smoke just one to celebrate and I’ll get right back on track

My spouse is out of town this weekend, so I can smoke and it doesn’t count. If I smoke now I’ll get right back on track

                I can smoke when I am out of town and it doesn’t count. I’ll never smoke at home.

I want to have 90 days smoke free by my birthday. This is the last cigarette until then. Make that 60 days.   Make it 30 days.

I have made those deals and many more just like them for years. I am done making deals.

Keep the quit