The hardest quit   44/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 20, 2020

All of us here have committed to doing something extraordinarily difficult. We have decided to break our addiction to nicotine and quit smoking. That is no small task. I was pondering on my way to work about which of us has the hardest addiction to break.

Pack-a-day smokers: Heavy smokers have inhaled a constant stream of nicotine. The act of smoking is embedded in their daily lives. Every internal system is accustomed to operating with nicotine.

Closet smokers: Secret smokers are always on the lookout for opportunity to sneak a smoke. Smoking never retreats to the back of their mind because they never know when their next chance is to smoke. Closet smokers have been going through withdrawal almost as long as they have been smoking.

Vapers: Vaping creates a near-perfect delivery system of addictive nicotine into the system. Vapers don’t worry about the stench and mess of cigarette smoke and ash; which means they can get their nicotine at any time.

Serial quitters:  Serial quitters have made the decision to quit a thousand and one times.  They have made it to day three or four a thousand times.  They may have made it out of Hell Week 500 times.  It's very had to be optimistic about a quit when you have gone through it so many times only to relaps.

Every category of smoking has inherent challenges to quitting. But the hardest quit is the one you are rocking right now.

Keep the quit