NOPE saved

Blog Post created by green1611 on Jan 18, 2020

My friend and me use to meet, once a while, like once in year or so,  over cup of tea/coffee and cigarettes. The meetings used to go for couple of hours. (in between couple of cigarettes are smoked) 


I met him after long time yesterday, and he asked me do you want to have one cigarette? (our earlier way of meeting?) I said no, he urged, nothing happens by one cigarette, I had also quit smoking, but let's have today, and enjoy our olden golden days with tea/coffee and cigarette. 


I asked my self quickly..

Do you want to restart smoking? 

Do you want to get into same slavery you had earlier before quit?

Do you feel you will be better off after smoking couple of cigarettes, and then back to quit again?

Do you want risks associated with smoking "sword of the Damocles?


The answers to above questions were and no.


Few quitters  like to taste the cigarette after long quit, only because they want to know how it tastes now? they have curiosity if it tastes same? and secondly they are confident, that they have gone through quit once, so they can quit again, hence does not matter couple of cigarettes today, "I can overcome future urge" overconfidence though.


If it is clear that I do not want to smoke again, then why go for couple of puffs now? is not that going back to addiction?


Hence NOPE..


My understanding of NOPE !



I stayed away from one puff and also convinced my friend to be away. We had multiple cups of tea and coffee, and had good meeting.