Still mulling  42/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 17, 2020

I’m still mulling over the significance of accountability.

I took a walk at lunch and it was 25 degrees with wind blowing at 20 miles an hour. It was so cold, my ears hurt. Why on earth didn’t I stay indoors like I had some common sense? Simple; my daughter just invited me to join her step challenge group through Fitbit. There are now 6 of us in the group and I, through some fluke of luck, am in the lead. There is just no way I could cancel my walk if other people could see it.

I suppose a grown-up should be accountable to themselves. I know that I am not. I need the peer pressure (or perceived peer pressure) of other people to help boost me to action. Either that, or a really clever excuse. Maybe I’m just a spoiled, entitled brat. Maybe I’m about average and most folks could use a nudge in the right direction.

I will say this; the more visible I am, the more accountable I feel. Challenging myself to write 90 blogs has increased my visibility substantially – and also my determination to crush this addiction once and for all.

Thank you for keep me accountable