Where Did My Sanity Go?

Blog Post created by Sonia2019 on Jan 16, 2020

I'm starting to wonder if I ever had sanity to begin with...Lol! Honestly, I'm beginning to think that smoking was the only thing that helped me to maintain my sanity...? Although I'm fully aware of how terrible smoking is, the money wasted, the toll on my health, etc....etc., and what the benefits are for no longer doing it, I still struggle with certain aspects of it. This is the 4th attempt I've made to quit in 22 years. And, thanks to my current regimen of Chantix, the patch, and occasionally the lozenges, this has been my easiest attempt, hands down! So, the physiological aspect has actually been a breeze. The meds seem to be doing their job and I'm very thankful for that. The cravings have been very minimal, if at all. However, I think my issue is psychological. I enjoyed smoking....there are days that I miss smoking. 


Who, in their right mind, thinks this way? Is it just me? If so, I must not be in my right mind, right? This is what makes me question my sanity, or lack thereof. Where did it go? Will this feeling ever go away? Although I haven't smoked in over a month, I still feel like I identify as a smoker. It's like going on a diet and losing tons of weight but still thinking think like the heavier version of yourself (something else I've also done). I'm trying to stay positive that this will go away in time. Which leads me to why I'm here. I joined this community about a month ago but really only started to poke around in it today....there's lots to take in! So many positive comments and overwhelming support out there!! I'm so glad I joined and look forward to the camaraderie of my fellow non-smokers!