Voices in your head   37/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 14, 2020

My niece – who is a real pistol – posted something to me last night. This girl is amazing; she’s a Marine veteran and full-time college professor and combines beautiful language with tough love in a way that’s dazzling to me.

Anyway, she suggested that any time I was having a tough time staying quit, I should imagine the voice of someone I hate telling me I can’t do this. She actually mentioned the name of prominent politician that I can’t stand, but I surely do not want that voice in my head.

I thought about her advice and I think it has merit. It feeds on pride and competition; which, honestly are pretty motivating for me.

Then I thought, maybe instead of someone I don’t like in my head putting me down, I could think about somebody I like building me up! Can you just imagine Sean Connery giving you a pep talk? (I swoon). Professor Dumbledore calmly telling you that you can do this because the Sorting Hat saw great inner strength in you?

Or – going for the gusto here – Indiana Jones promising I can join him on his next adventure if I quit smoking?

The options are nearly endless. A little fantasy never hurt anybody and goodness knows we need a break.

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