Hospital To Hospital

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 11, 2020

Please I am talking about ME not anyone else - Please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - MY reality - we were playing 500 rummy after enjoying a wonderful supper - then SUDDENLY - MY daughter is in pain and confused and out of her MIND so WE experinced this episode in December near death due to potasium level 2 and NOW simular symptoms with the out of her mind - spiked fever and confusion - she went from calm to berserk - at 730pm we are heading to ER with MY daughter - I prayed the word of GOD out loud the whole 20 minute ride - MY husband thanked ME - MY daughter reached for MY hand and the peace of GOD filled each of us - MY adult daughter - who at 34 yrs YOUNG has a body that is failing due to her diseased liver from alcoholism - it is a disease of a 3 fold in nature - the body and spirit and soul - this TIME her heart is getting weaker and her blood sugar is 49 - dr said this was NEAR FATAL for her and due to her diseased liver - her body is working out on all the rest of her internal organs overworked - in a nutshell - 49 blood sugar - they gave orange juice and jello and a sandwich to eat quickly - blood sugar 1 hour later - 188 and it will rebalancing will take place - now her potassium levels 3 - dr gave 2 potassium pills by mouth and iv potassium drip which takes 2 HOURS in vein - next WAITING -  this is the hardest for ME as a mother of an ADULT child to watch and WAIT - MY youngest - of 3 ADULT children - who's body is falling because-  she chose NOT to take her meds - 4 days off potassium causes COMA and DEATH - she has NOT taken the steps required to get on liver list - her CHOICE - I can't change her OR cure her and I did NOT cause this disease - YET this is where I must .- WAIT ON GOD'S OUTCOME -  NOW 2 times - she has CHOSEN to -  NOT to take her postasuum 4 days - EACH time - will bring FATAL results- an anonymous person said NO ONE KNOWS THE PAIN IN ANOTHER PERSON'S HEART - we were released at 1230pm - we offered her to spend night - she chose to drive home and is at work decorating 4 cakes TODAY - YES she is a CHEF decorator of baked goodies - then at the same time - same friday night around 7pm - MY husband sister is at ER - at another hospital - appendicitis needs to come out - surgery scheduled 6am on Saturday and WE went to be with his sister and surgery 6am  cancelled until noon - they took her in and total time 2 hours and then back to room and rechecked and dr said she will go home - ONLY by prayer and MY Daddy God's saving grace in MY Lord Jesus - I kept reading and praying HIS word - I asked for HELP - I received HELP from MY friend who prayed for ME to let go and trust God with HIS beloved daughter in Christ Jesus and with MY husband sister too - BELIEVE - TRUST and OBEY - knowing the OUTCOME for BOTH of OUR loved one's is in God's hands - I BREATHE deep - I cry with the long suffering since 2015 - dealing with this disease of body spirit and soul of MY precious daughter nearing death and I ask MY Holy Comforter to lead and teach ME to LET GO AND LET GODand the GOOD NEWS- NEVER TOOK ANOTHER PUFF over any of MY REALITY in MY Lord Jesus name amen it is written I can do all things through Christ Jesus which strengthens me- amen