Weight Gain  33/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Jan 9, 2020

There is no denying that quittting smoking causes weight gain. 

There are two forces at work against us when we quit smoking; first there is effects of nicotene which increases your metabolism, and then there is the snacking that replaces smoking.


There seems to be an silent agreement in the Quit community to not dicuss weight gain - especially with new quitters.  I have seen the suggestions to keep "healthy snacks" on hand to counteract a craving.  ("healthy snack" is an oxymoron, btw; if it's healthy, it isn't a snack).  Or drink water. Saying "Here, eat this thing you HATE instead of having the smoke you Want!" It's probably good advice, but not particulary practical or helpful.  I only have so much willpower available to me.  I can avoid cigarettes OR I can avoid M&Ms; but I can't do both. 


I have also seen many posts reminding us that smoking is far worse for our health than being over weight.  An absolute fact.  Most of us have already admitted to turning a blind eye towards our health when we smoked.

 It is no small thing in this society to gain weight.  Especially for women.  We are judged by our girth first and foremost.  The struggle to stay quit when your clothes no longer fit is REAL.  The struggle to reduce calories when you're already on a diet-for-life is REAL.  The shame and anger when looking at new rolls of fat in the mirror is REAL.


I don't have answers. I think we do quitters a diservice by not addressing this more openly.