Just for TODAY 

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Jan 5, 2020

Just for TODAY - I am SHARING what is happening to ME - I have been smelling cigarette SMOKE - it was so over powering YESTERDAY -  I just went to bed EARLY and TODAY - off and on since 4am -  the SMELL is strong - so I am telling this FACT OF NON SMOKER SMELL - TODAY for ME -  to MY RECOVERING FROM NICOTINE family- then I remembered what  - I have learned from ALL of YOU here -  to just BLOG -  what is going on with ME - TODAY - at 8 YEARS and 355 DAYS as a NON SMOKER - this SMELL of cigarette smoke is so REAL for ME - please I am talking about ME not anyone else - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - thank you - then I remembered to replace negative with POSITIVE SO ........Just for TODAY - Have fun - Just for TODAY remember YOU have choices - Just for TODAY write a gratitude list -  Just for TODAY do someone a good turn anonymously - Just for TODAY pray for someone - Just for TODAY call someone - Just for TODAY give YOURSELF a hug - Just for TODAY have an A B C plan - Just for TODAY take alone time out for God and YOU -  Just for TODAY go to a support group -  these were ALL SUGGESTIONS given by others to HELP ME STAY in TODAY - they have ALL worked for ME - Just for TODAY sharing MY experience strength and HOPE - thanks for letting ME share - gentle hug