Still going strong

Blog Post created by Rallyqueen917 on Dec 22, 2019

Happy to report that I am still going strong. As far as smoking being on my mind constantly I find that I was more concerned about it than it is actually happening. My cousin continues to be respectful and I am trying to turn her into an EXer.  I’m not saying that there haven’t been a few challenges but I made the right decision and that feeling far outweighs anything else.  Knowing that I can face challenges and continue to overcome just makes me stronger. Plus the positivity, advice and support I receive from everyone here has also been very helpful. I want to thank everyone in excommunity for having this wonderful forum where we can share our highs and lows, fears and triumphs and voices.  Quitting is really a journey you cannot take alone. You need a community.  

Staying strong to live another day!! 

Rallyqueen SSF (Staying Smoke Free)