EOY - End of Year 16/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Dec 19, 2019

Work has been the typical End of Year rush to push as much production out at the end of year as possible.

It's all about being able to send an invoice and claim the earnings for the end of the year.

In past years I worked through lunch and stayed late to get everything done.

This year I have been able to stay on top of all the invoices and not work 10 -12 hours a day.  I've worked several 9 hour days; but that is so much easier than twelve!

The biggest difference is not taking smoke breaks, but I am wondering about the math on that.

I certainly didn't take 4 hours worth of smoke breaks.  I'm wondering how I am saving two or three hours a day.

Some of it is clearly just the time spent away from my desk.  But there is also the time it takes to remember where you were and what you were doing when you get back to your desk.  Or the people you chat with in the hall on the way.

Maybe it's just the focus on the work and not counting the minutes until I can take a break?  Not sure how all that adds up, but I'm counting it as another win!