Bad Recipes for Babies and Quits

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Dec 14, 2019

This morning I made, what looked to be, a banana pancake recipe I found that had 5 star rating for the twins. BLAH! They were THE WORST EVER!….And only 3 ingredients.-Eggs-banana and water. Who would have thought…oh and some cinnamon. Maple syrup helped somewhat.  Basically the girls tossed them....ALL on the floor.


I had some experiences with BAD RECIPES to QUIT SMOKING also.


It took some tweaking and trial and error, but I finally managed to find an awesome QUIT SMOKING recipe that worked for me.


When we start recipes, they almost always look and sound promising. Don’t let the packages and words fool you. Just because it looks good, looks easy, looks fast, looks safe and MAY taste good….well, experiences tells me, it totally relates to the individual.


My Husband actually like the pancakes. The rest of us, not so much :)


Moral: Don’t flip over your pancakes if its not for you…

( or your quit method ) Theres many recipes out there to try. We all are willing to share ours with you, just ask. You will find one that tastes good and  works for you. Just don’t give up trying.


PS: Just thought I would put this out there…Sadley I have a lovely kidney stone thing going on right now. I will take ANY recipes you have to share that work for you. Heating pad is helping some. I am drinking enough water to fill a pool, but advil is not helping anymore. Thankfully kids go home in morning. :( This stinks.

On a GOOD note eyesight is finally making some big improvements. Thought I wold lose all vision in the one eye, but its finally improving  Actually.....thats awesome news