Busy hands are smoke free hands 5/90

Blog Post created by PastTense on Dec 8, 2019

Just a quick check in today.  My husband and I are painting a rental property we own today - and are already an HOUR late thanks to me.  I am usually the person who arrives 15 minutes early to everything.  Alas, I forgot to put the clothes from the washer to the dryer and we are waiting on my "paint clothes" to get dry.


You knw what I am NOT doing?  I am not worrying about how I can break away at some point to sneak a cigarette.  I am not looking for scenarios to send him to the hardware store.  I am not triple checking that I have supplies.


Being a smoker takes effort.  Being a closet smoker takes up a lot of mental band-width that, frankly, I don't have to spare. 


Today will be very busy because we have less daylight than we planned - but it will be smoke free for me!!