Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Oct 25, 2019

God who is the Creator of ALL - comforts ME in HIS beauty of nature - as tears fill MY eyes and fall out of MY eyes-  I look up at ALL the BEAUTIFUL leaves - yellows and reds and brown and orange and green - these colors brighten MY out look - while I am dealing with MY reality - MY poor ME attitude - I prayed - I was thinking better than a wave of emotions HIT HARD - so I prayed and went to MY support group to share poor ME - then I was thinking better - then another wave of EMOTIONS - so I cried and I was relieved of MY poor ME - then I made MY GRATITUDE list and I was thinking better again - it is up to ME to CHOOSE -  positive THINKING -  not feelings - for they come and go - feelings are fickle and there will be many more to come in ME TODAY - I am responsible and I tell MY FEELINGS what to do - MY feelings no longer lead ME - I have 3 blood family members very ill and 2 of them saying - They will not be here much longer - and the other is just quietly SUFFERING - MY husband hours at work were CUT down to NO OVER TIME and money is CUT too - so now comes MY FAITH test - WAITING ON MY GOD -  WITH HIS JOY AS MY STRENGTH - not once was sucking on a CARTON of deaths sticks MY solution TODAY - MY solution was running to MY God FIRST and then to BLOG letting NEWBIES know - life on life's terms HAPPENS -  day by day into MY moments when -  I CHOOSE to ask MY God to fill ME with HIS love - joy and peace in MY Lord Jesus name amen-  gentle hug