those initial days....

Blog Post created by green1611 on Oct 11, 2019

The small food joint, and behind that little hiding place. There are two undergraduate colleges in front, nice six floor buildings old construction, looking fresh still. Yes, thats my place when I was studying undergraduate.


And two roads join in a corner. That was the place, I had my first puff, second puff, then thrown the cigarette. My friend scolded at me, and picked up that invaluable half burn cigarette, and taught me how to smoke !!. I learnt quickly. It was fun, absolutely fun those days.!!! Completion of undergraduate, finding out ways to earn money, etc all is the history.

I became five a day smoker. For more than thirty five years.....


And I happened to be there, yesterday, for some work, passing on, so stopped....

And looked at the hiding place, it was there, may be little better now, students are ...yes.. learning undergraduate..

Initial smokers, fun smokers .. I saw, they were there like me,  some 35 years back.

I remembered my journey...... I wanted to tell them, do not touch this demon, no no no... but I did not.

Had some elderly person told me 35 years back, would I listened to him? do not know.


Now looking back after 2145 days of smoke free, (big thanks to this community), I felt that the girls and boys there ? will they sometime join Ex Smokers ever? or keep trying? or will keep smoking, and slavery of nicotine? who know..

Prayed they do not get addicted..


I came back, and followed my way to the work. On wheels, started driving the car !


Importantly, I realised later that it did not come to mind, not minuscule inducement, that ....let me have a one puff, in the reminiscence of olden days of undergraduate, old friends...


NOPE. Great !!