Can't you smell that smell??

Blog Post created by kindofodd on Oct 10, 2019

My mother, my father, and my boyfriend are all smokers and none have the desire to quit at all. I don't want to be one of those holier than thou ex-smokers who complains about something that I did for 30+ years. The boyfriend is being almost overly considerate. The parents not at all. 


My mother works for me so we carpool to the office. She continues to smoke in my car. I honestly don't mind much. Being around people who are smoking doesn't bother me. Oh but my oh my how she wreaks when she gets in the car. And it's not just her. The dog's couch, the turtle tank, the cat box, the sink drain, that road kill I passed... 

I know increased senses of taste and smell are supposed to be a good sign but man, the world just smells awful.