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Just a love note to MARK - OUR ON SITE MANAGER - WHO LOVES US AND KEEPS THIS SITE UP AND RUNNING WITH HEALTHY BLOGS FOCUSED ON - HUMANS RECOVERING FROM NICOTINE -  I VOTED MARK - OUR MOST VALUABLE PLAYER  - by HIS actions - to manage this site -  with ONE main objective- in UNITY -  to keep the PEACE  - to control the sharing in the blogs - respect - honor - love - sharing NON SMOKER LIVING - experience - strength - HOPE - with the freedom to blog by letting EVERYONE be themselves -  by YOU Mark - to make sure all needs are met in being HELPFUL to other's that desire to quit smoking - I believe YOU - Mark have been -  open minded with a willingness to accept EVERYONE -  with tons of personalities -  with tons of inner issues - in each human being - and YOU also allow all types of peoples and WELCOME ALL of them - and to just be themselves - RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICTS  - YOU - MY beloved Mark - make sure each INDIVIDUAL - is seeking HELP for their personal NICOTINE issues and share their experiences - YOU very sincere in HELPING to point individuals in the right direction of their choice of RECOVERY -  that works for them individually in HELPING them to learn about NICOTINE ADDICTION- from the Mayo clinic EXteam information - and the peoples here from all over the WORLD - what a job and YOUR DOING GOOD handling all addictive personalities that clash every now and again and to let us work it out for OURSELVES - offering YOUR HELP when necesary to keep the PEACE and LOVE  -  I believe YOUR love of service - to those who are SUFFERING from NICOTINE addiction is -  AGAPE LOVE -  please know -  YOU - Mark are much appreciated and respected by ALL YOU do for EVERYONE here - a thankless job at times from humans who are selfish at times - yet I have experienced personally how YOU HELPED ME to grow up and NOT take offense as YOU taught ME - how to correct MY immature behavior in MY EARLY RECOVERY - when I was ignorant of spiritual boundaries set for this on- line support group for NICOTINE RECOVERY -  which is to remain focused on STAYING quit - NOT -  on winning a popularity contest - I grew up with YOUR HELP and I am so grateful that YOUR OUR ON SITE MANAGER -  gentle hug