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82 Days Quit

Posted by aboyd63 Oct 27, 2019

Well here I am 82 Quit days. I know I don't  want to smoke ever again. Plus I know it's my choice not to smoke. So with that I know  I have to take my day as it comes and deal with it on the circumstances  that happen in the. moment. I know I'm  still in NFL and it can get hard in here but staying close to here and I'm reading Alan Carr's book   and reading in here all the time I have successfully  made it this far.  I want to thank the Ex's  group and my husband kboyd66 for your much needed support. I would love to have anyone give me any kind of suggestions or advice or your knowledge on how to stay quit .Have a great evening 

Arlene 82 DOF


Good Morning.

Posted by hattonc Oct 27, 2019


Good Morning Everyone..

Hope everyone’s Sunday is a great one.. So I’m having a colonoscopy tomorrow extremely nervous .. not to the point that I would grab a cigarette, but just really nervous.. prayers everyone 






Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Oct 25, 2019

God who is the Creator of ALL - comforts ME in HIS beauty of nature - as tears fill MY eyes and fall out of MY eyes-  I look up at ALL the BEAUTIFUL leaves - yellows and reds and brown and orange and green - these colors brighten MY out look - while I am dealing with MY reality - MY poor ME attitude - I prayed - I was thinking better than a wave of emotions HIT HARD - so I prayed and went to MY support group to share poor ME - then I was thinking better - then another wave of EMOTIONS - so I cried and I was relieved of MY poor ME - then I made MY GRATITUDE list and I was thinking better again - it is up to ME to CHOOSE -  positive THINKING -  not feelings - for they come and go - feelings are fickle and there will be many more to come in ME TODAY - I am responsible and I tell MY FEELINGS what to do - MY feelings no longer lead ME - I have 3 blood family members very ill and 2 of them saying - They will not be here much longer - and the other is just quietly SUFFERING - MY husband hours at work were CUT down to NO OVER TIME and money is CUT too - so now comes MY FAITH test - WAITING ON MY GOD -  WITH HIS JOY AS MY STRENGTH - not once was sucking on a CARTON of deaths sticks MY solution TODAY - MY solution was running to MY God FIRST and then to BLOG letting NEWBIES know - life on life's terms HAPPENS -  day by day into MY moments when -  I CHOOSE to ask MY God to fill ME with HIS love - joy and peace in MY Lord Jesus name amen-  gentle hug   


Day 219

Posted by hattonc Oct 15, 2019

Good Morning...

checking in here.. I hope all is well with everyone. Holidays are around the corner.. seems like it was just here.. lol.. I’m still a non smoker.. I’m so glad I came to this site for help.. I’ve hit some forks in the road this past year but have managed to maintain my quit! It’s the only thing I felt I had control over. If anyone is struggling, just take it one day at a time . Breathe.. and enjoy the feeling of freedom...

Have a great day !!  

PS..Where the heck is the cooler weather?!! It’s hot here in Texas! Lol


I love someone who has COPD. I've mentioned it before. Yet, they show no signs of either wanting to quit or quitting. 


Every day, I hear a juicy cough, sometimes worse than others, and most of the time triggered by their lighting and smoking a cigarette.


I cannot make anyone do anything, but I can sit here and not understand the why.


Perhaps, as my husband suggested, they've given up in their desire to quit, the damage having been done. 


This person has done other things to help their situation - going to Silver Sneakers classes at the Y and occasionally taking meandering walks. They eat properly for the most part, though the body weight says there's some snacking going on somewhere   (Also guilty of that one myself!)


I did ask what stage of COPD they had and the answer was "I don't know." I've done some research on COPD as it may be my future for all I know. I smoked off and on from the 70s till almost a year ago, with an 8-year quit in there somewhere. 


Anyway, I'm at a loss right now. I can't help. I can only offer an occasional bravo for lifestyle changes going in the healthy direction.


This person is almost 70. Maybe that's it. Maybe their thinking is that they've gotten this far while smoking that there's no reason to quit.


Yep, I love a person with COPD and I can't do a damned thing about it.



Day 301


300 days

Posted by DonnaMarie Oct 13, 2019

300 days doesn't sound like much. It's not even a year. It's a drop in the bucket when you think of your whole lifespan. It's a fairly small number in the big picture. 


But 300 is a frickin HUGE number to me. 

See? It's a BIG number!


For the last 300 days, I have not smoked. Not even one puff. I am zeroing in on a year. Can you imagine? I couldn't. But here I am, telling the tale.


This seems cliche, but if I can do this, anyone can. It took a lot of work, a lot of friends, the world of Ex (a gigantic part of my quit), and lots of tricks of the trade to make it happen, and it did. I am a quitter. Oh yes I am.



Day 3-frickin-hundred 


Traveling by CAR

Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Oct 11, 2019

Traveling out of state - MY mama said she isn't going to make it much longer - MY sister who lives with her since high school is her caregiver and wants to go on vakay with her fiance - MY other sister asked ME to go with her to keep her company - I already made MY goodbye trip - I said for HER -  I would go with HER - I remember YEARS ago -  I was 3 months NICOTINE FREE- MY brother- in- love was killed by a drunk driver and it was MY 1st time traveling - as a NON SMOKER in March of 2011 - I came here for HELP - and was taught HOW to travel out of state without using MY DRUG NICOTINE to cope with driving - cheeeezee Louise - I really believed at that time in MY RECOVERY from NICOTINE driving was impossible - NOW when I drive TODAY using MY drug nicotine doesn't enter MY mind - I have learned to let everyone know where I am in RECOVERY - I am only ONE PUFF away - I have a brain TODAY and I use it - only by God's grace still a NON SMOKER heading out this morning - October 2019 -  8 YEARS and 9 MONTH'S as a NON SMOKER enjoying each DAY - MY God blesses ME with each NEW day and  I still come here each NEW day to HELP the next suffering NICOTINE ADDICT to HOPE - just like I was given HOPE back then and still given freely - TODAY - thanks for letting ME - REMEMBER the lesson of driving is possible as a NON SMOKER  - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF OVER ME OR DRIVING  - no matter what and please take what HELPS and let go of the rest to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - for letting ME be ME - gentle hug 


those initial days....

Posted by green1611 Oct 11, 2019

The small food joint, and behind that little hiding place. There are two undergraduate colleges in front, nice six floor buildings old construction, looking fresh still. Yes, thats my place when I was studying undergraduate.


And two roads join in a corner. That was the place, I had my first puff, second puff, then thrown the cigarette. My friend scolded at me, and picked up that invaluable half burn cigarette, and taught me how to smoke !!. I learnt quickly. It was fun, absolutely fun those days.!!! Completion of undergraduate, finding out ways to earn money, etc all is the history.

I became five a day smoker. For more than thirty five years.....


And I happened to be there, yesterday, for some work, passing on, so stopped....

And looked at the hiding place, it was there, may be little better now, students are ...yes.. learning undergraduate..

Initial smokers, fun smokers .. I saw, they were there like me,  some 35 years back.

I remembered my journey...... I wanted to tell them, do not touch this demon, no no no... but I did not.

Had some elderly person told me 35 years back, would I listened to him? do not know.


Now looking back after 2145 days of smoke free, (big thanks to this community), I felt that the girls and boys there ? will they sometime join Ex Smokers ever? or keep trying? or will keep smoking, and slavery of nicotine? who know..

Prayed they do not get addicted..


I came back, and followed my way to the work. On wheels, started driving the car !


Importantly, I realised later that it did not come to mind, not minuscule inducement, that ....let me have a one puff, in the reminiscence of olden days of undergraduate, old friends...


NOPE. Great !!

My mother, my father, and my boyfriend are all smokers and none have the desire to quit at all. I don't want to be one of those holier than thou ex-smokers who complains about something that I did for 30+ years. The boyfriend is being almost overly considerate. The parents not at all. 


My mother works for me so we carpool to the office. She continues to smoke in my car. I honestly don't mind much. Being around people who are smoking doesn't bother me. Oh but my oh my how she wreaks when she gets in the car. And it's not just her. The dog's couch, the turtle tank, the cat box, the sink drain, that road kill I passed... 

I know increased senses of taste and smell are supposed to be a good sign but man, the world just smells awful.

Just a love note to MARK - OUR ON SITE MANAGER - WHO LOVES US AND KEEPS THIS SITE UP AND RUNNING WITH HEALTHY BLOGS FOCUSED ON - HUMANS RECOVERING FROM NICOTINE -  I VOTED MARK - OUR MOST VALUABLE PLAYER  - by HIS actions - to manage this site -  with ONE main objective- in UNITY -  to keep the PEACE  - to control the sharing in the blogs - respect - honor - love - sharing NON SMOKER LIVING - experience - strength - HOPE - with the freedom to blog by letting EVERYONE be themselves -  by YOU Mark - to make sure all needs are met in being HELPFUL to other's that desire to quit smoking - I believe YOU - Mark have been -  open minded with a willingness to accept EVERYONE -  with tons of personalities -  with tons of inner issues - in each human being - and YOU also allow all types of peoples and WELCOME ALL of them - and to just be themselves - RECOVERING NICOTINE ADDICTS  - YOU - MY beloved Mark - make sure each INDIVIDUAL - is seeking HELP for their personal NICOTINE issues and share their experiences - YOU very sincere in HELPING to point individuals in the right direction of their choice of RECOVERY -  that works for them individually in HELPING them to learn about NICOTINE ADDICTION- from the Mayo clinic EXteam information - and the peoples here from all over the WORLD - what a job and YOUR DOING GOOD handling all addictive personalities that clash every now and again and to let us work it out for OURSELVES - offering YOUR HELP when necesary to keep the PEACE and LOVE  -  I believe YOUR love of service - to those who are SUFFERING from NICOTINE addiction is -  AGAPE LOVE -  please know -  YOU - Mark are much appreciated and respected by ALL YOU do for EVERYONE here - a thankless job at times from humans who are selfish at times - yet I have experienced personally how YOU HELPED ME to grow up and NOT take offense as YOU taught ME - how to correct MY immature behavior in MY EARLY RECOVERY - when I was ignorant of spiritual boundaries set for this on- line support group for NICOTINE RECOVERY -  which is to remain focused on STAYING quit - NOT -  on winning a popularity contest - I grew up with YOUR HELP and I am so grateful that YOUR OUR ON SITE MANAGER -  gentle hug


Quick Big Victory

Posted by Exvape Oct 6, 2019

Just had a call with a BIG & Difficult client....when we speak I get anxious and very nervous and want to vape...none of that happened this morning...I was still nervous and anxious BUT minus the nicotine. Just goes to show me that good and bad happens...stress happens....BUT I don’t need to attempt to reduce the anxiety or stress with nicotine - it doesn’t work! The nicotine just elevates my heartbeat & blood pressure and just creates an illusion of anxiety/stress reduction,

Anyway I can’t say i’m feeling great at this moment - I’m still nervous from that call (I didn’t deliver any good news to the client) but I didn’t vape. I will take that as a major accomplishment.



Posted by indingrl.01.06.2011 Oct 2, 2019

Watch YOUR thoughts - they become YOUR words - Watch YOUR words - they become YOUR actions - Watch YOUR actions - they become YOUR habits - Watch YOUR habits - they become YOUR character - Watch YOUR character -for it becomes YOUR destiny - BY ANONYMOUS -   hmmmmmmmm - let ME pray BEFORE I open MY mouth in MY Lord Jesus name for HIS will - HIS plan - so HE will live HIS life through ME by HIS faith in ME by MY Holy Comforter leading and teaching ME amen - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you -   FACT -  I try to read ALL the blog's here to KEEP learning to grow and deal with MY reality of life on life's terms - as I choose to LEARN from YOUR experience to live in TODAY just like YOU and NOT TAKE ONE PUFF OVER ME  - hmmmmmmmm- what spiritual tool did ALL of YOU teach ME -  SUGGESTIONS - to say out loud to MYSELF for MYSELF - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - N.O.P.E - SINAO - ONE day at a time - blog BEFORE I take that first PUFF over ME - come here FIRST and VENT to Y'ALL because I am a NON SMOKER - I am a NON SMOKER - MY destiny to STAY and REMAIN this MOMENT - HELPING pass on the HOPE - that TOGETHER in UNITY - NOT ONE PUFF EVER - Yahoooooooooo .- thank you ALL - bestest teachers ever! gentle hug

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