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Time passes SLOWLY for ME -  when I first surrendered MY NICOTINE ADDICTION to MY God - Time passes FAST - when I realized -  I had 30 DAYS - then 60 DAYS - then 90 DAYS - NICOTINE FREE - Time just passes - as EACH of MY DAYS added up and then I had - 6 months NICOTINE FREE - Time passes and before I knew it -  I had 9 months NICOTINE FREE - Time passes by - somtimes quickly and sometimes SLOWLY - then in TIME-  I had ONE YEAR NICOTINE FREE - as I faced MYSELF and the issues inside of ME -  that I tried to DRUG away with NICOTINE  - in MY PAST life -  in this MOMENT of MY time TODAY - MY TIME is still passing YET - TODAY - 8 YEARS have passed with a lot of adventures - some so DEEPLY painful and shocking and grievous with suffering -  with hurtful afflictions in MY body and mind and soul and spirit that lately TIME has gone into SLOW MOTION - Time sometimes just weighs heavily on MY heart - MY example- which is due to MY powerlessness to CHANGE another person or CURE another person or CAUSE another person to USE THEIR DRUG NICOTINE over MY speaking the TRUTH to them with FACTS - NOT feelings - which come and go and are fickle -  NICOTINE ADDICTS USE -  because they want to USE - they THOUGHT of USING long ago before they take that FIRST PUFF - Time has taught ME - no one has power over ME - unless I give it to them  - Time has given ME the greatest gift of ALL - IN TIME - NEVER ONE PUFF OVER ME - I have chosen to STAY a NON SMOKER and NOT to take that FIRST PUFF over ME OR over anything LIFE has dealt ME in 8 YEARS - because I have prayed ALL this TIME and ONLY by God's grace - Time took -  it's time - God's perfect TIME in MY God's will for ME and HIS love and tender mercies - HE had given to  ME - Christ Jesus - MY Lord's wisdom -  every time hell came -  PERSONALLY -  to ME -  on this planet called earth -  I was filled with grievous and wild emotionalism and metal torture came - for ME - please I am NOT talking about anyone else but ME -  so please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - this TIME - I was brought news of 2 deaths in ONE week -  for ME - this SUFFERING was  - s- l-o-w - motion - time dance in very SLOW moving at the wake on Saturday - mother looks at her baby boy dead at 27 yrs old - YET - I stayed a NON SMOKER crying harder then the MOM - she and I just cried hard together - the next MOMENT of TIME - WE all celebrated with fellowshiping with family and friends eating and sharing memories - some were smoking NICOTINE to cope and some were drinking ALCOHOL and smoking pot and NICOTINE to cope YET I remained the whole celebration A NON SMOKER-  so the SUGGESTIONS- made to ME and I took those SUGGESTIONS 8 YEARS ago and even use them TODAY - in TIME - I am still accepting and willing to remain open minded to keep learning and growing and HEALING in MY Lord Jesus name amen- gentle hug