Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Sep 13, 2019

Flooding and some roads closed today in MY area -  one family member's bedroom flooded and she is grateful for no carpeting in that room - another family member HANDLING her adventure in her 4th hurricane season with her 11yr old son - they are grateful to be on second floor - these family members are MY own daughter's - MY other friend of 25 years will be moving her mom into senior housing TODAY and is grateful for her mom receiving a fully furnished room and she is dropping her other son off at the military base TODAY and her other son who died in motorcycle accident at 27yr has a military funeral which is tomorrow -  YET she is STAYING in the breathe moments of her TODAY - she drove through the messy roads to get her hair done TODAY  - so if she can live TODAY and STAY in her TODAY - so will I STAY in MY TODAY -  in an attitude of gratitude  - I am grateful - we are dry and no flooding in our home -  just in the streets - TODAY - I AM PRACTICING - being able to be taught by Y'ALL -  HOW to handle MY REALITY -  without any excuses or without hurting anyone with MY twisted perspective which is trying to take ME to SELF pity -at this time when MY selfish emotions immature and fear filled I must remember to pray for everyone - FACTS -  NOT - MY feeings -  know that everyone -  has gone through - THE DEEP PAIN OF -  funerals and weddings and floods and birthdays and operations and cancer treatments and broken shoe laces and losses of everyday happenings - which the list can go on to infinity - this is called - THAT'S LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS - DEAL WITH IT  - I am NOT unique - EVERYONE has been THROUGH DEEP PAIN and GRIEF in their TODAY - the mature question I ask MYSELF -  how am I coping with MY REALITY - in the NOW responding with other's above MYSELF OR am I reacting out of MY old selfish victim mentality absorbed in MY selfish and self centeredness only feeling sorry for ME OR am I using MY spiritual tool's - freely-  taught by Y'ALL and given to ME -  by Y'ALL - TODAY - I use MY slogan  - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER OVER ME- it is so GOOD to be FREE - from MY OLD reactive addictive child victim mindset and TODAY- 2019 - FREE LY I AM choosing NEW ideas to keep growing and HEALING - TODAY I use - MY NEW POSITIVE MINDSET to RESPOND - to MY NON SMOKER LIFE STYLE in MY Lord Jesus - HIS FREEDOM to live FREE inside of ME and in MY heart - to be in HIS love and service to all others - to MY friend - who has lost a 27 yr old son -  in a SUDDEN TRAGEDY - HE WAS JUST RIPPED OUT OF ALL OUR LIVES - on August 31st - 2019 SUDDENLY - and I am trying to -  PRACTICE MY NON SMOKER LIFE STYLE - in GRATITUDE - to MY God FIRST and then thanking - MY God for ALL of YOU - and thank you - ALL for teaching ME to keep learning to focus on ENJOYING MY DAY - thank you ALL for teaching ME to - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be helpful is MY only aim - thank  you -  thanks for teaching ME to share - for sharing is caring and teaching ME - this too shall pass - I know the flood waters will pass and the roads will be cleared - so I will be able to GO to the funeral tomorrow for MY friend's celebration of her 27 yr old son life - STOP! it is NOT tomorrow - STOP - think what I am THINKING about.- do NOT let MY feelings lead ME in MY TODAY - state FACTS to MYSELF - tomorrow isn't here YET - just enjoy TODAY - I AM living in today as a  NON SMOKER - heading out to walk - just walk and I am grateful to DO that - just walk - I like walking in puddles - I always enjoyed walking in puddles - gentle hug