Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Sep 11, 2019

Fluff - MY understanding - fluff is taking a FACT and twisting it to keep selling BULL POOP - that flavored vaping is safer than cigarettes - cigarettes stink - vaping YOU smell sweet like candy - YET the vaping company says we created the vape for ADULTS - flavors are vanilla - dreamsicle - cotton candy - FACT- 6 deaths from vaping - twisted advertisement and NEWS report - the deaths are from THC vaping NOT NICOTINE vaping - FACT - regardingless - IF -  NICOTINE pods or THC pods - DEATH is caused by VAPING - 490 reported cases due to VAPING -  ending up in ER nationwide with mainly teens patients that are NOT breathing due to VAPING - the OIL that sticks in their LUNGS causing infections - FLUFF - taking an easier softer way to keep all those involved in the VAPING BUSINESS making money at the cost of teenagers - with the NEWS fluff - WE are still RESEARCHING the cause of these death's -  thanks for letting ME vent - gentle hug