Sick of my negative posts?

Blog Post created by minihorses on Sep 6, 2019

I seem to only blog the negative things in my life. There are SOO many things going on right now that ARE negative that I don't want to complain about them here. I know it won't help a thing to smoke but I really want to right now. What the heck, the rest of my life is in the toilet so why not go back to the demon? Because I am completely wholly committed

to never smoking again.  I really want to unload some baggage but don't want to be the sad sack, whiny, b++++ that I seem to excel at lately.  Maybe if something positive happens (yeah right) I'll blog that.  It's already started to be yet another s***y day in paradise!  I'm going to go cry somewhere alone and try not to punch holes in walls. Maybe I'll blog t about the hell going on at a later date.  Until then I'll try to be positive and helpful to the EX community!