Checking in

Blog Post created by hattonc on Sep 5, 2019

Good Afternoon. 

I hope everyone is doing well. I have not been on here in a while but I am still not smoking. Thank you all once again for all the support. I know I should be on here more often but life has really thrown a curve ball to me.. I’m surprised I’m not smoking 3 packs a day .. but if anything I can say that I have managed to keep my quit constant.. today I’m coming here asking for prayers for my oldest daughter Dana.. she is currently in the hospital with pneumonia. They are not sure what has caused this but we do know that she was vaping for a couple of months . She’s very sick . We have an infectious disease doctor working with us now and pulmonologist they are wanting to do a broncoscopy to be able to test tissues..  they are treating her currently with antibiotics, steroids, etc. she has an 11 mth old daughter who I’m helping take care of as well with the help of my other daughters.. we just really need prayers right now for all of us.. thank you again ..