The Basics: Sticking to my plan

Blog Post created by PastTense on Sep 3, 2019

I reached the one month mark.  It is, perhaps, a time of celebration, but I prefer cautious optimism.

This is a danger zone for me.  I am quit enough that I don't feel as though I need to stay so close to this site for support.  I also know from past experience that I am not really ready to stand on my own, either.  Smoking is not just an addiction to a chemical.  It is a habit.  A habit I reinforced with every single puff on every single cigarette.  I know I am over the withdrawal from nicotine.  I know am NOT over the deeply ingrained habit of picking up a cigarette.

A major part of my written quit plan was to check in every day in order to anchor myself to my commitment.

Failing to check in every day, and not blogging every day, and not sticking to my Plan is the reason past quits have crumbled. 

So here I am, needing to come back to the basics and remind myself of what works.

Quitting sounds like it should be passive - just don't smoke.  But it isn't; it is a process and an activity that requires practice.  Lots and lots of practice.

Here's to the next 30 days of practice