Seek New Routines

Blog Post created by indingrl.01.06.2011 on Sep 3, 2019

TODAY I seek NEW routines - example : OLD NICOTINE ADDICT - I would start MY DAY reaching for MY lover and best friend - CANCER STICKS - DEATH STICKS and sucked on TWO just to get MYSELF moving in MY morning - then it was SUGGESTED to ME to EDUCATE MYSELF and  to get NEW ideas - NEW thoughts - POSITIVE NEW MINDSET -  to keep ME learning and growing and healing on the inside of ME - to seek NEW routines to COPE with this thing called - daily living and to DO a NEW routine - example: NEW NON SMOKER ME - I get up in MY NEW morning and get spiritually dressed - then I pray and then I worship and praise MY God by exercising in HIS body of mine- I am a NEW creation in Christ Jesus - MY Lord-  this NEW seeking rountines - did NOT happen over night - EACH NEW DAY - I came here to blog - to vent - to cry - to whine - to complain - to share what's happening in MY NEW NON SMOKER LIFE - or to just BLOG - BEFORE I took that first puff over ME - and I asked for HELP and I still do TODAY- I AM A NON SMOKER and the OLD ME dies daily - to continue seeking - MY Gods will for ME and to continue seeking NEW routines - NEW phases of MY NEW ME -  discovering changes inside of ME .- being transformed by MY God. - to learn to love MYSELF and treat MYSELF gentle and kind and be filled with JOY - at being ALIVE inside and to want and desire to be HELPFUL - for ME -  MY NEW seeking routine - I PRACTICE daily -  to remember the faithfulness of MY God - for HIS grace upon grace. - by telling ME the TRUTH about MYSELF through others who use to suck on DEATH STICKS and how they do NOT take ONE PUFF over themselves or their NON SMOKER LIFE TODAY - they live FREE inside of themselves and they think of other's -  above themselves -  to be of service to ALL -  that suffer from NICOTINE ADDICTION -  to give it ALL away - to STAY A NON SMOKER. - seeking MY NEW routine -  living fully present in this moment - living grateful in - DOING - love is ACTION - for ME in HIS love and service - day by day - thank you ALL for teaching ME to seek NEW routines - then share MY experience strength and HOPE - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - gentle hug