Quitting E-Cigarettes : Day 3

Blog Post created by firefly1978 on Sep 3, 2019

Woohoo, I made it to day three everyone! The support from the group has been a great help! When I am craving I use the text message program, I come look at the comments here and interact, I read up on quitting info and look at the Quit Smoking app to see how many hours I am into it and what milestones I have achieved. I have been using hard candy, pens and straws to help with the cravings as well and A LOT of deep breathing. Soooo much deep breathing, lol! I am still doing the thing where I will search for my vape pen, so I have been trying to just grab a regular pen as a sub or the straw. It's not much different than quitting regular smoking except that there are more places that I had to break the habit of using in. You can get away with vaping EVERYWHERE and at least with regular cigarettes you have to go outside and it is way harder to sneak since they smell so damn bad. (my husband would ALWAYS know if I snuck cigs, even after I washed up etc). Well, I'm going to keep checking in and going strong! There have been some weak moments where I came close to giving in and having support has made the difference this time around! Thanks all!