Day 263

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Aug 28, 2019

Today was my second day back at the pool and I took my fins and other play toys with me this time. I set a time goal of 45 minutes minimum and an hour maximum. Then decided to walk one/swim one, lather, rinse, repeat. I have a 12-lap routine for the kickboard and fins, and got that done for the first time in forever. I'm still going very slowly so as to strengthen my fixed body parts and not over tax them. I think this is gonna work out fine!


After my shower, I was going through my swim bag in the locker room. The bag has been living in the closet since last August. As I was picking out this and that to comb my hair, get dressed, etc., I smelled smoke. What? I don't smell like smoke anymore daggumit. Then I remembered that when I was going to the pool before, I would toss my swim bag in the back of the car as I drove home.....and smoked. What an icky reminder. Next stop for my giant tote bag is the washing machine and dryer. I can't go back till Monday, so that gives me plenty of time. 



My quit continue to grow and I have finally stopped growing in the belly area. LOL 


Happy hump day, everyone!



Day 263