Day 250

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Aug 23, 2019

Seems like there's a celebration in order for myself! 250 days. Smober as I can be.


Things that keep me from smoking right now:


I just don't think about it all that often.

When I do think about it, I just don't do it. 

I remind myself and others that I just don't do that anymore.

Knowing that if the comet is shooting through the sky and headed for my house that if I really wanted one, I could have one seeing as how I'm about to be obliterated any second. 


N.O.P.E. is the bottom line.


Got my stitches out of my hand from the final surgery I had two weeks ago. I am released to go back to swimming on Monday. I'm going to start with the aquatics classes and slowly get back to the lap swimming. Until then, I'm still doing my volunteering. The hospice house had a brunch for the garden volunteers and as I am the Bird Lady of Hospice House now, they included me  (You can see the glove I had to wear to keep bandages on my palm in this picture, but it's gone now. I wear band-aids one more day and then that's done too.)

As you can see from the "ooooh" expression on my face, there was some really good food! 

Life is good out here in coastal Virginia. I'm ready for the temperatures to go down a bit, but can't change that, can I?


Hope all is well in your world and that you're doing N.O.P.E. with me. 



Day 250