Cigarette Smoking is.....

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leading CAUSE of PREVENTABLE disease and death- 480,000 per YEAR - more deaths than HIV - illegal drug use - alcohol use - motor vehicle injuries - firearms- related incidents combined - in addition to : lung cancer - heart disease - COPD - numerous serious health conditions - MANY types of cancer - premature birth - low birth weight - SIDS- respiratory illnesses- clogged arteries - reduced blood flow - diabetes - rheumatoid arthritis - vision conditions age- related macular degeneration - cataracts - ( pages from ref 8 - ref 9 and 10 - ref 8 again ref 5 and 6 ref 7 ) it goes on and on and on - this info is ONLY PARTS of a report on Dr Hays Blog - warnings - the FULL report TONS OF PAGES - UNBELIEVABLE -  YET FACTS-  for YOU to read for YOURSELF - I was blown away with the numbers - such as - 34.3 million U.S. adults - 1.4 million U.S. youth ( aged 12- 17 yrs) SMOKE CIGS - 16 million Americans ALIVE TODAY live with disease caused by smoking cigarettes - 2017 Nation survey on drug use and Health on average - EACH DAY in U.S. 2, 000 youth under age 18 smoke their 1st cigarette and 320 youth become DAILY cigarette smokers - 2009 report cigarette smoking directly responsible for 163,700 deaths from cancer - 160,600 deaths from circulatory conditions - 113,100 deaths from pulmonary diseases EACH YEAR - second hand smoke EXPOSURE an additional 7,330 deaths from lung cancer - 33,950 deaths from coronary heart disease annually - 87 percent of deaths from lung cancer - 79 percent of deaths from COPD - 32 percent of deaths from coronary heart disease in U.S. from 2005 - 2009 - heart attack - 2.3 million cases - cancer 1.3 million cases - stroke 1.2 million cases - I read this in the same report page ref 21 - 4,900 deaths from lip , oral , pharyngeal cancers - 3000 deaths from laryngeal cancer in U.S. each year -  found on page ref 30 - after read these PIECES of FACTS then came a page of reading on  what THESE RESEARCHS WILL PUT ON SIDES OF THE PACK OF CIGARETTES if the agree to which ones to put on the side of a pack of smokes  - I agree with Dr Hayes - a picture speaks loudest - than ALL these FACTS - cause it hasn't  STOPPED PEOPLE from using DRUG NICOTINE TO COPE with their individual PERSONAL LIFE CHOICES - I have READ on the packs of cigs that I bought when I was actively using MY drug NICOTINE and I smoked through ALL of  MY pregnancy - please talking about ME not anyone else - please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you - I read the side info of low birth weight to babies - it didn't get MY attention -  NOW these researchers are deciding - 10 NEW REVISED WARNINGS - putting on side of pack of smokes- smoking causes - head and neck cancer or bladder cancer lead to bloody urine or heart diseases strokes clogging arteries or COPD lung disease that can be fatal or reduces blood flow to limbs which can require ampution or type 2 diabetis which raises blood sugar or age- related macular degeneration which can lead to blindness or cataracts which can lead to blindness - OH PLEASE -  do they really BELIEVE people will NOT use DRUG NICOTINE - reading these RE-vised warnings - FACTS people addicted to NICOTINE -  in Illinois ended up in ER after vaping - it was reported on the news in Illinois and  did that STOP vapers - NO!  I believe that -  A PICTURE OF - LIP CANCER ON THE FRONT OF CIG PACK - A FULL BLOWN COLOR PICTURE OF LUNG CANCER - I BELIEVE would HELP more than FACTS on the side of a pack - I was just SHOCKED as I read this report that they BELIEVE STAYING the same written warning will make a difference in 2019 - just sharing thank you for letting ME VENT - gentle hug