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Please I am talking about ME - I had to unlearn MY habit of coping with ME - the thoughts I kept chewing on over and over and over - like a cow - I was chewing on MY cud of resentment that I had to CHANGE MY WAY OF THINKING - how I thought about MYSELF - I smoked about everything - I smoked at everything - I smoked because I was uneducated as to HOW TO DEAL WITH MY CHILD REFLEX VICTIM EMOTIONS THAT I ALLOWED TO KEEP LEADING ME TO SMOKE AT MYSELF AND MY LIFE - then I read Joel's book at for FREE - titled - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER - MY brain eyes were opened to accept I was never taught to separate in MY brain thoughts that were twisted and distorted from all the crap that happened in MY childhood and how I had done all the work with a PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST yet this automatic child victim REFLEX kept RUNNING MY BRAIN on OLD THOUGHTS of a 4 yr or 6 yr or 17yr or 28yr old CHILD VICTIM REFLEX in MY non smoker ADULT LIFE TODAY - with prayer and SELF-education in ALL AREAS OF MY BRAIN - I dismantled EACH thought and made peace with MYSELF in ALL areas of those ages with wounds and hurts and memories and life on life's terms in MY BRAIN - please you are reading this in a NUTSHELL - that took God and ME YEARS to work out and learning NEW AND POSITIVE THINKING - while making peace and SEPARATING FACT FROM FICTION  - MY facts and truths FROM MY lies and fantasy - it is MY child victim reflex that lead ME to believe - other people get cancer NOT ME -  I cant quit smoking its too hard - I will never quit smoking I tried and fail every time - what's the use I won't quit - these are MY child victim reflex  that I chewed on like a cow chews on its cud - while living in MY adult body now not using NICOTINE- I was using MY OLD NEGATIVE ADDICT THINKING from a child victim REFLEX  - then I read Joel's book which turn the light on in MY mind to a switch OFF that OLD VICTIME REFLEX and I decided to flip the NEW switch on to starting using- from Joel and what I was learning from OTHERS here by reading their blogs - they were living a non smoker life style their OWN and happy living it - in TIME -  MY NEW MIND THOUGHTS were working for ME - I reframed and built a NEWMINDSET to positive thinking and NEW encouraging thoughts - I believed  - I will quit using nicotine to cope with ME - MY NEW coping with a NEW BRAIN AND MY NEW DAY - I had to get ONE NEW THOUGHT and hang on to it for ONE day at a time- along with NEW FRESH FEELINGS - it was weird at first thinking NEW - for ME - MY NEW thought was - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF EVER -  JUST FOR TODAY - then I began to build a whole NEW MINDSET on thoughts that were positive - I will not use nicotine to cope with MY child victim reflex LEADING - I will get quite and ask MY GOD to HELP ME - I will be aware of what is going on in MY BRAIN - I will STOP the old reflex - I will separate fact from fiction and I will live this 3 minutes to feel MY feelings about ME as a NON SMOKER - I will take baby steps and appreciate MY ability to breathe in and out while coping with MY friend's death of her husband - or MY other friend - who's 2 uncles died in less than a week - or - that I over ate again to cope- YET I DIDN'T USE MY DRUG NICOTINE!  - or - MY mom's failing health - needing a blood transfusion every 2 months due to her body not producing iron naturally anymore - happens to some elderly- TIME- TO CHOOSE MY BATTLE OF MY NEW MIND- FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT- NOT ONE PUFF OVER ME OR MY LIFE ON LIFE'S TERMS  - IT ALL TOOK ME TIME - TO GET THIS NEW MINDSET ON POSITIVE THOUGHTS - so I could cope in MY REAL reality and dealing with MY EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL immaturity while - EDUCATING MY SELF on learning SELF- acceptance - SELF - awareness - SELF - discipline - all while learning all MY DAY long -  to take ONE NEW thought with all the feelings that went with all the circumstances and situations - in a NUTSHELL - I am a NEW CREATION IN CHRIST JESUS - I had to be willing to admit - I was never taught by ANY HUMANS in MY childhood - so NOW I CHOOSE TO EDUCATE MYSELF IN ALL AREAS IN MY BRAIN  - HOW to pay attention to what I was THINKING ABOUT- how to STOP and THINK and ASK MYSELF - what I am thinking about and ASK MYSELF where am I- TODAY - in the past or future or to STOP and check where is - MY BATTLE TODAY  - was I living in - MY PAST USING NICOTINE LIFE OLD STINKING THINKING LIFE A VICTIM CHILD TO COPE WITH MY NEW NON SMOKING DAY or WAS I LIVING IN THE FUTURE IN MY PAST FAILURES OF QUIT AND USING AND QUIT AND USING NICOTINE- in MY NEW DAY and was I allowing MY CHILD VICTIM REFLEX TAKE THE LEAD  AGAIN - I tell MYSELF to STOP IT AND DROP IT- I CHOOSE AND DECIDE FOR ME MY NEW BRAIN BATTLE - I AM RIGHT HERE - in MY present day - sharing MY NEW BRAIN experience and HOPE to keep enjoying MY NEWMIND SET - LIVING ONE DAY AT A TIME AS A NON SMOKER - sharing MY experience strength and HOPE with any one who choose to practice - practice - practice  -it did NOT happen over night for ME - this ALL TOOK TIME - I was willing to CHANGE by the SUGGESTIONS AND TEACHINGS OF OTHER WHO WALK THEIR TALK - THE BATTLE IN MY MIND - EACH DAY - THINKING WITH MY NEW POSITIVE BRAIN OR STINKING THINKING IN MY PAST USING MY DRUG NICOTINE - hmmmmmmm - I made a decision to live each of MY NEW day - to the fullest and enjoy MY NEW BRAIN - NEW POSITIVE FEELINGS AND MOST OF ALL - to HELP others to - STOP and THINK WHAT BATTLE ARE YOU IN - FIGHTING YOUR OLD LIFE IN YOUR OLD STINKING MINDSET OR FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT - NEVER TAKE ANOTHER PUFF OVER ME - thanks for letting ME share and please take what HELPS and let go of the rest - to be HELPFUL is MY only aim - thank you.