Day 228

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Aug 2, 2019



Time to stop by and check in again. Still having strong urges, and can't quite figure out why. I ride them out, but I'd like for them to stop. I know they won't, but they could at least stop bugging me as much, right? 


I was taken off of one of my blood pressure medicines. New people take note - my blood pressure normalized enough to NOT take two meds. I'll be off the other one when I get my exercise going. I'm sure of it. Smoking makes your BP go up. It's yet another way smoking leads to death.


I'm spending a lot of time sewing items for sale. This retirement thing sure can make a girl broke. LOL


Hope everyone is doing well. Newbies - keep up your quit. You will never regret it.



Day 228