Day One

Blog Post created by PastTense on Aug 1, 2019

First time quitters are adorable on Day One.  They are so determined to stop smoking.  Their quit and their resolve are so shiny the glow.

Serial quitters (like me) are far less attractive.  We have been here before.  We know that maintaining the resolve to stay quit and day 3 or 5 or 12 is hard duty.  We know that failure is absolutely an option.  Our resolve is tattered and frayed.

Serial quitters do have one thing going for them - we already know the traps that are out there.  We aren't going to be surprised by the unexpected craving, or the challenges of creating new habits.  We have been there.

A serial quitter has no excuses for not staying quit.  At this point, we have either learned the hard lessons and have planned for them OR we are just going through the motions.


I am not judging anyone but myself here.

I know what works.  I know what the triggers are.  I know all the arguments for having "just one" and I know they are all lies.  I know that addicts (that would be me) cannot be trusted with opportunity.

My plans are made.  I'll be hanging out most of the day and posting frequently.  I know that helps.

I am not "hoping" for the best.  Hope is the last refuge of the unprepared

I am not "trying".  I am quitting.

I am wary and humble about this.