Blog Post created by bonnie.s on Aug 1, 2019

I was a heavy drinker, coffee that is.  Day and night, pot after pot.  I couldn't get enough of its warm, caffeinated goodness.  Friends and family would franticly make runs to the store to buy coffee and have a pot ready for my visit.  It could be 100 degrees outside and I'd be walking around with my insulated thermos of coffee.  For many years it was all I would drink.  I lived my entire 20's and 30's on coffee, cigarettes and chocolate.   I remember quitting good paying jobs because I wasn't allowed breaks when I needed them and I'd physically get sick if I went to long without coffee.  I'd start out with a headache that would progress to feelings of light headiness.  I remember the feeling like someone was pulling all the skin on my face upwards. the feeling of starting to black out.   Then my headache was a full blown migraine and the pain becoming so intense that I would vomit.  I remember that feeling coming out of work one day.  I was praying to make it home in time but did not.  I grabbed an empty coffee cup, ex-large and had been drinking on my way in to work that morning, and with one hand steering down the highway vomiting and overflowing that empty paper cup on my way home.  The cure for the sickness was more coffee,  I'd make a pot and drink several cups and lay around on the couch till I'd start feeling better.  I told everyone my addiction  to caffeine was worse than my addiction to nicotine and I was convinced I could give up my smokes before I could my delicious black gold.  I may have been wrong!  I've noticed, now 40 some days into my quit that I could care less if I have coffee or not.  No sickness from not having it handy at all times.  I've been craving ice cold  drinks instead especially water! Not really missing the caffeine at all but the nicotine is a whole other story, miss them daily still.    No real purpose to this blog.  Just thinking about how one addiction feeds another, at least in my case.