Hard Days

Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Jul 31, 2019

Hello my friends,


 I sure wish this could be a positive post but things just keep getting worse for my wife and I. This weekend, my brother decided that my grieving has interfered with the job to much and he told me I was nothing but lame since my son died. We dissolved our partnership and now on top of everything else, I’m unemployed.

 He then called the police and had them do a welfare check on me, I assume just to mess with me. A counselor came by the next day and handed my wife and I a diagnosis of PTSD. Also, both of our vehicles died in the same week so I don’t even have a way to look for work except online. I’ll get through this. Sometimes when it looks the bleakest is when we see the rainbow.


 On the upside, still smoke free. And to me, that’s a huge positive! I can’t even imagine how much I’d be smoking right now if I still did because as addicts, even in the worst of times we’d find ways to feed the addiction. But that little impulse that used to be so strong when I first quit just doesn’t exist anymore and that is one part of my life that I’m very grateful for.


So never believe that you can’t get to the point you were before addiction. At least for me, I can attest that it can be done. I’ll be back soon to post a more positive post soon. In the meantime, strength is requested. Miss you guys!