Limiting my time here for a bit

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Jul 21, 2019

I am not leaving; I can't leave. This is my home and heart of my support and my quit. But at the moment, the biggest need in my life is to bring my diabetes into control and keep it there. Now that I'm not sick, I have the wherewithal to do that. I'll be seeing my doctor again in a month. Between now and then, I need to bring my sugars to where they need to be by exercise, good food, and sleep. My new doctor also took me off one of my BP meds, which I'm happy about, but I need to keep up the not smoking and other health strategies.


In short, I need to focus on diabetes for now. I always will be on guard with the nonsmoking. I am a quitter, but I'm never forgetting that it's a process.

Anyway, I won't be super active on EX for a bit.



Day 216 - unbelievable but true!