it keeps getting better

Blog Post created by tonyc6066 on Jul 6, 2019

hi all sorry I have not checked in I was in the UK Wales and Scotland on vaca great time had by all well lets see its now been 94 days 15 hrs smoke free I am no longer on the patch I finished nicoderm patch step 3 in England and once In a blue moon I get a crave but nothing I cant Handel you know I hear people say change your routine up like if you have coffee while watching TV don't watch TV or don't have coffee I did not do that change up thing I think if I did I would have smoked because when you change up your routine you are now giving up something else that you like it seems like you are giving up everything just to quit smoking so when those urges did hit I stood strong and said hell no I wont go back I know its not easy for everyone my wife says I am just strong willed and stubborn and once again no mans land does not scare me in one little bit its like the boogie man it only exsist in your head have a great summer guys and gals and i hope we cann all make it through this journey