Day 198 - New events

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Jul 3, 2019

A friend asked me how long it has been since I quit. I had to come here to check! I guessed 200; I was close.


I did my first day as the Bird Lady of Hospice House today. I've never worked outside other than in my own yard. I was a hot, sweaty ass mess when I was done washing and filling five bird baths and filled the feeders. On the way home, I went to a friend of mine's home who has a pool, took off my shorts and bra (and shoes), and went in with tee shirt and unkies. It was great! If it had been nighttime, I betcha I'd have taken off the shirt and unders too.

They have rain barrels for watering plants with a trickle hose. This is four of the feeders and a suet feeder. Any client in any bed can see bird feeders from their room. I think it's wonderful. If looking at things is all you have left, birds are a beautiful sight.


This is the other side of the house with another barrel for rain water and a bunch of feeders. The bird baths are scattered around the edge of the woods. The volunteer gardeners do a beautiful job. I saw untold numbers of butterflies and lizards, and tons of birds. I might have found just the right thing for me to be doing.


I toyed with applying for a real job at the probation office; they told me about a half-time opening I would be interested in, but to tell the truth, after sleeping on it, I realized that I don't want that. I would have loved this particular job 10 years ago, but nope, not now.


I apologize for being scarce. Life off line has picked up so much lately. Not doing anything special for the fourth; I'm home till the weekend is over. My town is full of tourists at the moment


Have a great smober holiday.