Pretty fantastic news

Blog Post created by DonnaMarie on Jun 19, 2019

Since December, I've been "suffering" from a really weird stomach issue that precludes good eating and well being. I had a procedure yesterday to examine my esophagus and all that fun stuff leading to the stomach. And the good news is there is nothing at all wrong with my stomach. No ulcers. No burns. No evidence of damage done by ibuprofen (which was the prevailing theory until yesterday).


Recently I had an appointment with my diabetes doctor and she suggested I make sure the doctor yesterday know about a particular medication I'm on.


Add those two together and it looks like the medication the diabetes doctor was talking about has some nasty side effects after a while that mimic exactly what I've been experiencing.


I still need to deal with this med and get off of it and all that fun stuff, but I am over the moon to know that I don't have to live like this forever. The results from the test give me great joy and I'm truly ecstatic.


Now to deal with the medicine and get on with my life. I've been on hold since December and I'm ready to bust out and be well. The hospitalization in December which started my quit smoking journey is just the icing on the cake that I can now eat again


I really thought I was about to be living with another chronic condition and it was bringing me down every single day. It's like I've been given another chance yet again. There is also a silver lining to the scope yesterday - no mention of damage from smoking to the esophagus gives me even more joy.


So, on with life and here's a dose of joy for everyone!




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